They're SEASONED, after all!!
Seasoned Performers are preparing readings for the fall and beyond.  You too can be prepared for the changing seasons by booking a reading for your group.  Perhaps a nice comedy in November when we'll be ready to laugh.  Or a warm story or a memory for anticipating Thanksgiving and the Holidays beyond!

From the Salon Readers:
   (Available in October):

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving - 1 hour, $125
THREE VAMPIRES, TWO GHOSTS AND A PIANO - 45 minutes, $125  -  This includes The Vampire Women of Dracula - solo reading of diary sections of the novel by Bram Stoker; and Another Fine Mess - duet reading of the short sotry by Ray Bradbury describing the ghosts of Laurel and Hardy and why they're still pushing that piano up the steps.

From the Seasoned Readers:

For October:
HAUNTING TALES - A collection of stories to send shivers up your spine (and some are just for fun) - 30 minutes, $75.

For November:
IS THIS FUNNY, OR WHAT? - a collection of comic sketches and jokes to keep you laughing - 30 mintes, $75
A GIFT FOR ANNA - Anna finds a surprise when she loses her shoes at a church bazaar.  A true story by Charlotte Dominick - 30 mintues, $75.

For December:
THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS - Some of our favorite poems, stories and memories of the season - 30 minutes, $75
A GIFT FOR ANNA - A perfect memory for the season. - 30 mintues, $75.

 (Pieces for children and readings for 2017 are available.  Just ask!)

To book a reading or for more information call 205-978-5095 or write to:

(Mileage will be added for touring outside Jefferson County.)