Fanfare, please!!!
The Seasoned Performers senior adult theatre is now:
The Seasoned Performers of
Red Mountain Theatre Company

This extraordinary opportunity arose at the perfect time for both The Seasoned Performers and Red Mountain Theatre Company.  We found that the missions of both theatres align very naturally, ensuring that the lives of senior adults will be enhanced and the potential for changing lives with theatre will be expanded.

The TSP Board and staff worked with Keith Cromwell, Executive Director of RMTC, and members of his staff and board to make the transition as smooth as possible.  TSP will now operate as part of RMTC's nonprofit status with its board overseeing all programs.

TSP will be supported by the 20 full-time staff at RMTC, specifically Brandon McCall, Community Engagement Coordinator, and with teaching artist, Don Garrett.  The historic name of The Seasoned Performers will be maintained with RMTC and our participants, audiences and supporters will be served.  The fall touring schedule of TSP is continuing without interruption.  Income from TSP shows will be used for the senior adult programming and, if they wish, supporters can designate donations specifically to this programming.

We are very proud of TSP's 32 seasons of touring, but we are prouder yet of the people who are this theatre.  It is because of extraordinary people who have worked with us, supported the program and been committed to TSP that we've been able to serve our unique mission.

We're excited for this next adventure for The Seasoned Performers and hope you will be as well.  Feel free to respond in any way to TSP or to RMTC.  You will be able to access more information at, or through Brandon McCall at

TSP has had many incarnations over the past 32 years and has been able to grow and generate quality programming because of opportunities that have come at the right time.  We thank you for your interest, your support and your faith in TSP--and we hope that continues as we go forward.

--Emma Taylor, President of TSP Board and Martha Haarbauer, Founder